e’ve been conditioned without our permission  and this conditioning that continues to be the source of our suffering.  By examining what lights  you up and identifying in what relationships you are not able to truly be your self, you can begin to understand the conditioning, identify it’s source, and begin to recondition by design a perspective and operating system that creates greater freedom and fulfillment in your life.  Your ability to know your passion and strengths is essential to living a life you love.

    our happiness and fulfillment is your responsibility and its a journey that starts inside of you.  It is only through a fearless, and honest inventory of yourself, and your relationships as an expression of your life, that you can begin to shift and create the life you love. Your willingness to take responsibility for those relationships and whatever it is that is around you, is critical to the success of your re-conditioning. 

“How can we be free to look and learn when our minds from the moment we are born to the moment we die are shaped by a particular culture in the narrow pattern of “me”?

For centuries we have been conditioned by nationality, caste, class, tradition, religion, language, education, literature, art, custom, convention, propaganda of all kinds, economic pressure, the food we eat, the climate we live in, our family, our friends, our experiences – every influence you can think of – and therefore our responses to every problem are conditioned.

Are you aware that you are conditioned?”

J Krishnamurti

     f you’re  looking for 10 steps for living a life you love or are looking for instant transformation you’ve come to the wrong place. We’ve come to know that each one of us is unique, each process is unique and there is no boxed solution. Your ability integrate your new found awareness is a lifelong practice that we continue to find challenging and rewarding.  We have found that doing it by ourselves is simply not as effective and fulfilling.   It  takes time, practice, and a sense of humor.  Our coaching and our programs are designed  from a philosophy based on a shared humanity that once embraced, can provide a perspective and  an experience of life that is filled with compassion and personal fulfillment.  

We realize that most people today are not particularly interested or motivated in taking on this kind of practice.  But if you have found yourselves here reading these words and Plan A is no longer an option.  We encourage you to continue to explore our site and contact us when you are ready to join us in yourplanBE.







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